Word Weaver Pro is a writing web app, built by authors, for authors. It will take you from random notes all the way to a final manuscript.

Weave your story...

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From notes to final manuscript,
Word Weaver Pro helps you:

Columns that fit

Organize your thoughts

You can build an outline or add or remove scenes as you go! Have an idea for a character? No problem. You can create it; later, you can attach it to a specific chapter or scene.


Inspire creativity

You can give every project, chapter, scene, character, and location an image. You can then view those images as you write, inspiring you to imagine what is happening more vividly!

Person in front of screen

Work however you want

Many authors like to start with some kind of outline. Many start with character concepts and maybe an idea for a location, then let the rest reveal itself. Either way is OK. You can jump right in, write some character and location summaries, and begin writing. When you get to where a scene change happens, you can add a scene or keep writing the entire chapter as one item. 

Planner or pantster, the system adjusts to you, not the other way around.

To see how Word Weaver Pro works and how it adjusts to your approach, take a look at the following two videos. Each is short (about 2 minutes), and they will give you a great overview that will help you get started right away.

How Word Weaver Pro
structures information

Creating and editing in
Word Weaver Pro

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Pencil on note

Edit and restructure

Do you want to change something about a character or location? You can quickly see where it appears. A single click will find all mentions of that character or location anywhere.

A clock implying it can go backwards

Track every change

Every time you save, a new revision is made. You can always go back and look at what changed, and even revert to an earlier version. Regret a change when you read it the next day? No problem!


Preview and download

You can read your work anytime in a built-in simulated reader app. If you see something to change, select it, and it will take you to where you need to start editing. You can download a manuscript in Adobe PDF format anytime.

Shield with keyhole

Keep your stuff secure

Word Weaver Pro uses the latest encryption between your browser and our servers. Only you can see what you have in Word Weaver Pro. Even the exact link to something you created can't be seen without your username and password.

All natural person

Be 100% all natural

By design, AI systems require what you write to be sent to some third party, and it is kept in their databases. If you want to use an AI tool for text or images, no problem; copy and paste or import the results in Word Weaver Pro.

Get a free live introduction

Word Weaver Pro is designed to be easy to use. However, we suggest watching the videos on this page before diving in. Another way to get started quickly is to meet with one of the Word Weaver Pro staff in a one-on-one Zoom meeting. To do that, create a free account, then select "Need help?" in the main menu, and you will see a calendar with open days and times you can choose from and book an appointment.

This can give you a huge head start, and even help identify if Word Weaver Pro is a good fit or not.

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Word Weaver Pro is a great way to organize your writing! Never lose an idea again. Seamlessly combines and recombines your drafts effortlessly.
Robert, published author
Word Weaver Pro has really helped me organize my writing. The website is simple yet effective and is a great way to really jump-start my journey into writing.
Joyce, aspiring author
My students have been very successful using Word Weaver Pro. It helps them structure the story and keeps the plot, characters, and locations consistent.
Paige, creative writing instructor
I needed help organizing things before. It helps me find a place for all my ideas and is very easy.
D.J., student
I was so intimidated by a blank doc page. I knew I wanted to write, but where do I really begin beyond some notes and ideas? I like that I can do whatever I feel creative about. I can detail a character, start a cool scene, or move scenes around. My first complete short story won third place in my state's YA writing contest!
Kimberly (they/them), author
I have gotten a lot of compliments on how nice my manuscript looks once I started using Word Weaver Pro. That is one thing I hear almost every time I am querying. I love how I can export it any time I want. I wish I had this when I was self-publishing.
David (he/him), self-published author

Official release countdown

Word Weaver Pro is currently in Beta. All the features are working well, and we are very close to going live for subscriptions. You can use the site for free while we prepare for our official kick-off. If you find bugs, or think of enhancements, please use the bug report form. Every message will be read. Once the beta period is complete, we will make the site available by subscription at $9 a month, after a 30-day free trial.

Pro tip: If you send us helpful feedback, you will be made a "founder" and will never have to pay for a subscription!

Sign up for a 7-day trial and give it a try
*No credit card required for trial.
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